About the Firm

For more than twenty years, Martha Croog, LLC has represented the rights and interests of secured creditors, specifically the mortgage banking industry.

In working with this industry in the administration of Connecticut loan portfolios, the Firm has demonstrated excellence in the delivery of timely and cost-effective legal services.

Among the comprehensive legal services we provide are mortgage foreclosures and bankruptcy, related commercial litigation at the state and federal level, and summary process (REO) matters. We serve our clients with a Municipal Lien/HOA Department that protects client mortgagee interests from being jeopardized due to municipal lien or condominium foreclosures. In addition, the Firm’s Mediation Department is dedicated to a highly proactive approach in the statewide representation of client interests in Connecticut’s mandatory mediation program.

Our diligence in understanding our clients’ business and our appreciation for the interplay between substantive law and sound business judgment, enable us to be highly effective advocates and representatives for our clients.

Our Core Values

Responsiveness – We are accessible and considerate to clients, borrowers and their attorneys. We promptly communicate beneficial information to aid our clients’ loss mitigation.

Recognition – We recognize the importance of diligence in understanding changing state and federal laws and judicial policies. We identify alternative legal approaches and assist in the appraisal of relevant loss mitigation strategies. In this way, we work with, and for, our clients to achieve optimal results.

Resourcefulness – We are proactive and proficient in interfacing with judicial and administrative staff. We monitor each case to reduce the risk of adverse or unforeseen outcomes or inefficiencies from outside sources.

Reliability – We aim to meet deadlines and legal milestones ahead of schedule. We pursue creative development of solutions in a timely and cost effective manner.

Resoluteness – Our clients need and deserve top-grade individualized service from our attorneys. Each member of our experienced legal team works in all practice areas in which our firm is involved. At Martha Croog, LLC, we work cooperatively to assure comprehensive and personalized case management for our clients.